Why you need advice for a mutual fund?

  • There are 40+ fund houses in India with over 10,000 funds.
  • Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.
  • We believe that future performance can be predicted using Elliot waves and Time cycles.
  • Wealth creation is possible only through strategic asset allocation in a right fund at a right time.
  • We believe that our experts are well versed to understand your requirements and advice you the best.

Focus Funds

  • Equity / ELSS
    Equity / ELSS
    Fund Crisil Rank 1 Year (%) 3 Year (%) 5 Year (%) Invest Research
    Axis Long Term Equity Fund Rand 4 19.12  24.78   20.73 Invest Research
    Birla Sunlife Tax Relief 96 Fund Rank 2 23.94 25.01  18.25 Invest Research
    UTI Equity Fund(G) Rank 4 22.71 19.01 14.42 Invest Research
    Canara Robeco Emerging Equity(G) Rank 3 38.34 39.12 25.94 Invest Research
    • Debt / Hybrid
      Debt / Hybrid
      Funds Crisil Rank 1 Year (%) 3 Years (%) 5 Years (%) Invest Research
      L & T Gilt Fund Rank 2 15.98 12.65      11.84 Invest Research
      L&T India Prudence Fund (G) Rank 3      24.70      22.70      17.17 Invest Research
      Birla Sunlife Dynamic Bond Fund Rank 3      13.33      11.12       9.97 Invest Research

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      • Great person who helps to achieve financial goals with ease and helps to make your wealth grow steadily.

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      • Great mutual fund forecast...The funds that you have suggested have outperformed even during  corrective phase of market..Completely satisfied with your service!!

        Rajesh Agarwal
      • Your service is so good and so fast…keep it up.. “I am extremely happy to have subscribed to Elliott Wave research and their levels have helped me to invest in a better and disciplined way

        John de
        John deExcellent Research on Mutual Funds!!!

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