A Fund in need is a Fund in deed!

By Ashish Kyal – We all scrutinize the market momentum daily. The up and down movement of channels is a regular show. But, at the time of making a retirement plan, we have to fix certain expected returns so as to make a definite monthly budget during our retirement term.

Retirement is a period when necessities increase, meanwhile your capabilities decrease. Thus, a strong emotional plus financial support is necessary. Though, we cannot control the emotional part for any individual but can definitely assure you for the financial assistance which can come over and above your expectations.

A friend in need is a friend in deed! But, today we cannot expect a friend to help us for the retirement corpus. Thus, we say, A FUND IN NEED IS A FUND IN DEED. An appropriate fund can definitely help you make your retirement a happy one.

Thus, presenting you a fund –  ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund, which can turn out to be retirement-friendly to you, if you invest….

ICICI Prudential Value discovery fund is an open ended diversified equity fund, which aims at stock which are available at a discount to their intrinsic value through a process of ‘discovery’ this process is called as Fundamental research. This process involves non-identifying companies that are well managed, fundamentally strong and are available at bargained price.

icici pru fund 20160308

Portfolio Analysis: As per the sectoral holdings Banking/Finance have been most favored sector for this fund as it is contributing 18.22% to the entire portfolio followed by Automotive and Technology Sector. Top Holdings and Sector Allocation for this fund are shown below –

Top  holdings – 

top  holding 20160308

Sector Allocation – 

sector allocation 20160308

Returns -

Returns 20160308

Risk Profile: The risk is moderate in this fund as the investment is diversified among various assets. Average returns can be expected from this fund once the corrective phase of the Indian market completes. Investors looking forward for good returns with moderate risk should consider this fund for investments in staggered fashion or through SIP route.

In a nutshell, corrective action in this fund can continue towards 23.6% retracement zone. However investments in staggered fashion is advisable and SIP should turn out to be the best way as it will provide excellent cost averaging opportunities.


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