Balance your financial health!

How healthy are your finances? Is the most popular question which comes in mind in the current era. People nowadays like to have control over their lives but life is full of surprises. The crowd with financial plans save huge amount of money and savings help them in turning the invisible into visible. In addition to this one should also have milestones, measurable and attainable goals for moving towards financial freedom and rewarding your future self. For balancing your finances and making investments with moderate risk we have a option mentioned below and you are a few steps away to start your journey.

 SBI Magnum Balanced Fund Growth – Weekly Chart

 sbi magnum 20160118




















SBI Magnum Balanced Fund Growth is an open ended fund which provides balance between stability and growth.

Portfolio Analysis: This fund has invested approximately 25% into debt instruments having average maturity of 18-20 years. The equity allocation of this fund is into 46 stocks diverse across sectors. The top holdings and sectoral allocation for this fund are given below:

Sector allocation 20160118

Taxation Perspective: This fund has 66.41% exposure to equity therefore from taxation perspective this fund will be treated as equity i.e. holding in this fund for more than 1 year will qualify the investor for the benefits of Long term capital gains.

Risk Profile: This fund is suitable for those investors whose risk profile is medium as approximately 25% exposure is in Debt instruments.

Investment Rationale: Any major pullback cannot be expected in this fund as 25 % exposure is into Debt instruments which will help in providing some stability compared to complete Equity Funds. Hence, till that time existing investors can invest in this fund through SIP route to accumulate maximum units in this correction period and when the bull market resumes they can benefit of cost averaging.


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