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By Ashish Kyal – 

Funds which invest a large portion of their corpus in companies with large market capitalization are called large cap funds. This type of fund is known to offer stability and sustainable returns, over a period of time. Because large cap companies are so large and have a well established reputation with consumers, they are less likely to come across a business or economic circumstance that forces them to stop revenue producing operations completely.

There are many large cap funds that are great income vehicles for those who want to take on less risk.  Franklin India Opportunities Fund is one such fund which invests in large cap companies and has consistently given good returns. The fund is ranked 1 by CRISIL in large cap fund category.

Franklin India Opportunities Fund – Weekly Chart

Franklin India Opportunities Fund Elliott Wave Chart

Franklin India Opportunities Fund (G) is an open ended diversified equity fund  that invest in diverse mix of securities that cut across sectors along with it focuses on capitalizing long term growth opportunities by investing in Indian Economies. This fund has 95% exposure to Equity

Portfolio analysis: The fund has selected sectors or stock exposure based on four prominent themes as follows:

  1. Companies operating in areas where India has a strong advantage
  2. Global competitive Indian companies with potential to participate in global opportunities
  3. Undervalued companies
  4. Companies best positioned to take advantage of opportunities arising from a growing economy

Sector allocation and Concentration of stocks are given below:


Sector allocation of Franklin India Opportunities Fund


Investment rationale: We would suggest someone comfortable investing in complete equity with diversified holdings of large cap stocks and at the same time can take some risk to get better returns can opt for this fund. Fresh investment must be done once the previous pivot resistance of 60 levels is taken out decisively.


In a nutshell, this fund looks to be the best performing among large cap funds. The break of 60 levels will provide excellent opportunities to investors to enter in staggered fashion and ride closer to their goals!


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