Can Mutual Funds admit FAILURE??

Among the rapid flow of new arrivals adding to the already existing vast mutual fund industry, can we expect some of them to move gradually or get a standstill in the race? As and when the market has shown some Gap downs, the trust worthiness of all traders shivers from the base. Though, everybody expects a correction but will the trust over market revive?

When the scale of expected returns is moving beyond 10%, risk will always interrupt in every segment, be it trading or mutual funds. So what can assure us safe and fruitful returns?

Secondly, How do we know we have made a correct decision by selecting a particular fund or scheme? Also, if today the fund is performing well, but will the same performance continue tomorrow or a day after??

So many questions have one simple, common answer.

Firstly, can mutual funds admit failure? – YES

Solution – A fund can be forecasted only up to a certain period. Its performance has to be tracked on periodical basis. Generally, Mutual Fund investors don’t have the habit of tracking the market on a regular basis. That’s why, you need an Advisor. He can guide at the time you make the investment as well as during the term of your investment.

The answer to the 2nd question is the same. When the markets go through the corrective phase, fund selection has to be done wisely. Even during the normal phase fund performances have to be identified, tracked, studied, forecasted and applied thoroughly. And this is not a one-time task. It has to be done on regular intervals so as to decide whether to continue with the existing scheme or not.

Why WE?

Most importantly, when the portfolio of a fund undergoes a change you should recognize whether it is beneficial or not.          Waves MF provides you all the updates and advisory on your personal portfolio prior to your investment as well as during the period of your investment. And if not enough, we provide you regular updates of fund performances based on Elliott Wave and Neo Wave Research by our Research associates.

Invest wisely and systematically into the schemes of Mutual Funds that has potential to outperform in Future. Contact US and we will guide you for fund selection and help you with your Investments.

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