Can SIP’s make you Rich?

By Rahul Pithadia – 


Can SIP’s make you Rich?

Yes. They can!

Unlike any investment, investing in mutual funds is always a safer choice. SIP’s (Systematic Investment Plan) are plans of investing money by mutual funds given to the investors where they are given a chance to invest small amounts of funds instead of lump sum amounts. They can invest this amount over a period of time. SIP’s are helpful in generating the idea of savings for small investors.

A small investor can invest money according to their comfort and in the end get benefits out of it. If your goal is 8-10 years away, then you most probably are in the accumulation stage. One can start investing for 10 years to get a high rate of interest in return. Many investors fail to understand this and discontinue investing as soon as they hit a downturn. It is almost like leaving your vehicle before reaching your destination.

There is a common misconception about SIP’s that it does not prove to be a smart investment option. This is because people who have invested in past one or 2 years have not made much out of it. Well, if you think about it, SIP’s are almost like shredding a part of your income for a long term plan to get the maximum benefits out of it.

Some of te major benefits are listed below in the image -


At the same time, the fact here is that equity markets are volatile and have their fair share of risks. This is what helps the investors in picking up more and more units when the prices are low and average their cost.

The investors that invested during 2005 met losses because the market fell during 2006-2007 whereas people who invested in 2008 reaped benefits as the market recovered in 2010.  No investments are sure of getting you profits or benefits. Being patient and playing it smart is always the key to have a successful future.


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