Confused between Lump Sum and SIP mode of investment in Mutual Funds?

How did your Investments Performed if you would have invested as per our recommendations?

Break-up of your investments and returns via different routes:














Looking at the above table it is clear how these investment routes performed.

On days when markets correct sharply or when there are panic situations in the market, micro and market environment.Many investors may panic when the markets start falling or may withdraw the investment or not add some more to equity investments. Both this is not beneficial for the investor.

What should one do?

 Combination of lumpsum investments done during the lower levels of market along with SIP investing is sure to give a sound return over a 3-5 year period. This can be executed only if you have strict discipline, are well informed about the markets and don’t panic.Of course, it is impossible to invest exactly at the bottom of the market. The key to successful investing is actually very simple – buy cheap and sell high and also be disciplined about investing.

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