Do you tend to invest when the signal is red?

By Rahul Pithadia: Indian stock market are struggling at lower levels which suggest that now the fear is rising within the crowd that is this right time to enter or there is still more to see. If you sideline these factors and if you are planning to start with new investments then probably you are on the right track. If you look at the present situation the market seems to be skeptical but if you start your investments now then you can expect better returns in the coming future.

Making a perfect plan in this bearish market will en route your future plans. If you are encouraged towards long term investments then this is the perfect time for the investors to step in. The main prospect of long term investments depends on your goals.

The current market situation is the perfect definition of setting up your long term goals and sign of a good investor is facing ups and downs of bearish market because your investments are going to help you to meet to your goals. If you are still on your seats then this is the perfect opportunity to act. Directly making investment in the stocks is too risky as of now because we are not aware that which stock will touch the sky and which one will loose its grounds so better handover your funds to the preferable fund managed and get a professional treatment.

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