Elliott Wave, Neo Wave and Hurst’s Time Cycles are one of the most advanced concepts of technical analysis and when we combine it with trend following methods like Ichimoku Cloud it provides an amazing method to enter and exit the market.
Many believe in keeping it simple for trading but I wish if only basic and simpler methods were able to give the accuracy during complex movement of market. Over past few months we have seen Nifty all over the places with rise in volatility and there is a very high possibility that 2019 will go in history as the year known for volatility. I have been able to capture major tops near the high of 11700 and bottom near 10000. Post that the intermittent highs and lows are also captured very well and to the date at times. The method that has helped me in capturing these major turns and also the minor tops and bottoms will be discussed very much in detail.
Ichimoku Cloud has been one amazing technique that combines various aspects of advanced studies together. It not only helps us to clarify the wave counts but also provides the cyclicality and trend following method. By combining this method with Neo wave and timing it using Hurst’s Time cycles become a lethal way of market forecasting and identifying amazing trade setups.
A good trade setup if not timed properly can still result into a serious loss. There is very few technical analysis studies that focus on Time since most of the techniques are driven by Price alone!
The course is designed to aim at the following aspects of trading:
1. Best Trade setups to enter the market
2. How to make the most of the position by timing the exit
3. Know when not to trade – A key to trading success
4. Applying multiple techniques along with Neo wave for high conviction trade setups
5. Hurst’s Time cycles – A very important element to help reduce the number of probable scenarios to nearly one!
6. How to keep the profits intact after a winning streak…
Ashish Kyal, CMT will be conducting Training on Elliott wave, Neo wave, Hurst’s Time Cycles and combining with Ichimoku Cloud for first time on 6th – 7th April 2019, in Mumbai.
About Trainer:
Ashish carries vast experience of analyzing World Equity, Currency, Commodity, Crypto currency markets using techniques like Elliott Waves, Neo wave,Time Cycles, and momentum tools like RSI, MACD, Moving averages, customized indicators. He is a frequent speaker on business channels like ET Now, Zee Business, CNBC TV18, Bloomberg TV.
Ashish also speaks at financial seminars like Market Technicians Association (MTA – USA), Association of Technical Market Analysts (ATMA), National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM), Sydenham Management college. He has also been invited as a guest speaker at National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) for the Post Graduate Certificate Program in Financial Economics.


Training Details:

This training would cover Advanced Technical Analysis Concepts – Elliott Wave, Neo Wave and Hurst’s Time Cycles. Practical application of these advanced tools along with charts on Equity, Commodity, Forex and Global Markets.
1. Overview of Elliott Wave
2. Neo Wave – Difference between Elliott wave and Neo wave
3. Methods to plot Neo waves on charts for clear wave identification
4. Combining this with Bar techniques, Indicators, Trader psychology
5. Two stage confirmations for capturing key reversals
6. Newly discovered patterns – Diametric, Extracting Triangle, Neutral Triangle
7. Cycle Analysis: Time the market with accuracy using Hurst’s Time cycles
8. Trade setups, Application of the concepts on charts
9. Using Ichimoku Cloud for riding the trend and Intraday trade setups
10. Momentum Stock selection for Intraday trades with exit strategies
The training is ideal for those who want to analyze and understand Equity / Commodity / Forex markets in detail. Traders or investors who want to learn on how to build their investment portfolios or do trading for living. The course is designed for anyone and everyone keen to learn systematic way of trading using scientific approach. The only pre-requisite is passion for learning objective method of trading.
• Members of Equity, Commodity, Currency exchanges
• Brokers / Traders / Dealers
• Research analysts in Equity, Commodity and Currency markets
• Students who aspire to pursue career in Financial Markets
• Treasury dealers of Banks and Corporate
Where and when is the course? The training is at Radisson, Goregaon, Mumbai and will include Lunch.
Dates: 6th – 7th April 2019, Time: 10 am to 6 pm
Training Duration: 16 hours (8 hours per day)
Registration Fee: Investment for the training is Rs. 23,000 + 18% GST. Register before 15th February 2019 to avail. You can avail following by registering under Early Bird Offer –
• Discounted price along with access to;
• Free Elliott wave training links (worth 4000)
• Free access to daily Nifty research report till 15th February 2019
• Free access to Mutual Funds report and where to Invest guidance
• Free access to Bank Nifty Elliott wave research till 15th February 2019
So, as soon as you register under Early bird offer along with discounted price get special access to above. Sooner you do the more time frame you will get for above valuable Elliott, Neo wave research.
If registered after 15th February 2019 charges would be Rs. 26000 +18% GST
Limited seats, Registration is on first come first basis.
Refer a friend and get 10% discount .

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