Fact – Become a Crorepati, Just by Investing!

By Rahul Pithadia – 

Becoming a Crorepati is a dream of every individual, however the answer to this question is not that simple as there is no shortcut to this. There is a long but an easy way out to achieve this goal. Important factors like time, rate of return and the amount of money you save periodically can help you to get clearification on how your journey will unfold the dream.

The below given short explanatory specimen will help you understand how you can become a Crorepati by 2030 if you start investing 20000 per month form today –

  • Mr. X is 25 years hold and earn 55,000 month.
  • Out of which he pays 20,000 per month as EMI and spends 10,000 on his monthly expenses.
  • By the end of the month Mr. X has 25,000 in his hand.
  • On Jan 28, 2017 he decides to invest 20,000 per month through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) in a good equity mutual fund which can give a return of 15% p.a
  • If Mr. X continues this process for 13 years, he will become a Crorepati if all the above assumptions holds good.

Crorepati Calculator example 20170112


You will be pleasantly surprised to see that it is not impossible to become a Crorepati, as long as you are disciplined and not greedy!

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