Follow 3 simple steps & pick best funds for your portfolio:

Before you start investing in Mutual funds it is essential for you to know how to select the best performing funds in order to get the best returns. Hence, one must definitely consider the below mentioned points for selecting the top funds:

Financial goals:

The foremost important thing to know while looking for a fund to invest is your financial goals and you should definitely be aware of questions pertaining to the horizon of your investment, its usage & the type of income.

Risk appetite: 

Every investor has its own capacity to bear risk. Few investors are absolutely risk averse whereas few are risk-takers. Therefore, one should be aware about one’s risk taking capacity and based on it investments must be made.

Fund types and its size:

The answer to this will depend on the aforementioned points where your risk taking capacity and financial goals will define the type or size of funds you should be looking at. If you have a high risk appetite and want to invest for long term, then you must opt for long term funds that provide capital appreciation and have high risk-reward ratio.

It’s always a good idea to diversify, even if you have long terms goals and are a risk taker. Consider in debt and equity funds as well – the percentages can vary based on your requirement.  You never know how the future will plan out and it’s better to cover all basis while  keeping in mind your goals. To know other parameters on which mutual funds can be selected click here





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