How to create Investment portfolio using Mutual Funds?

I believe innovation is the key to success even in Financial and Investment domain. I thoroughly believe in application of Elliott wave that can be extended to NAV of Mutual funds as well. It provides vital information on maturity of the trend and one can accordingly make investment decision.

Following is UTI equity fund research shown on 7th December 2016 in our Mutual fund research report by Waves Strategy Advisors

UTI Equity Fund Growth Weekly Chart (shown on 7th December 2016)


UTI Equity Fund Growth Weekly Chart (shown on 7th December 2016)

UTI Equity Fund: Happened


UTI Equity Fund: Happened

Technical Perspective – Anticipated on 7th December 2016

The Weekly Chart for UTI Equity Fund Growth shows that post retracing 38.2% of the previous up move prices bounced sharply and now it has managed to take out the previous peak high which suggests that probably a complex correction pattern is in formation and currently wave y of the same is ongoing. Once wave y completes its course the corrective leg in the form of wave 2 will end and then the bull trend should resume in this fund. Move above 114 will suggest about the completion of the same.

Happened: The NAV of the fund increased drastically and moved exactly as expected. This simply shows how one can use Elliott wave to predict the path ahead even on Mutual Funds!

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