How to create wealth using Elliott wave?

Elliott wave model is an amazing tool that we use exhaustively to forecast Equity, Commodity and currency markets. I took a step forward and applied Elliott wave methods on NAV of Mutual Funds. In a way if you think a scheme of Mutual Fund is nothing else but a proxy for index where the components can change based on the ability of fund manager. But it is still largely driven by the broader indices and the principle of greed and fear hold true even here. The NAV also changes due to the sentiments of market participants as they are responsible for creating the demand and supply.

There are skeptics to the application of above model and here is the proof for them which shows how accurately this worked with each wave being captured in our Mutual Fund research report.

Birla Sun life MNC Fund Growth: Daily Chart(Anticipated on 17th August 2016)

Birla Sun life MNC Fund Growth: Daily Chart

Birla Sun life MNC Fund Growth - Happened

birla sunlife mnc happened


In our weekly Mutual Fund research report published on 17th August 2016 we mentioned that following:

 Technical Perspective: Post breaking the running triangle prices rallied on upside in the form of wave 1 at the high of 640 levels and currently correction is ongoing in this fund in the form of intermediate wave 2. The internal structure of the same suggests that complex correction is in formation and now wave x is ongoing. As per this scenario one leg is still pending on downside in the form of wave y which should provide good entering opportunities from investment perspective to ride wave 3rd on upside.BANG ON!

Happened: Birla MNC fund moved lower to complete wave y and post that there was a sharp rise to the levels of near 800 from the lows of 540.

No additional proof is required and the above is self-explanatory. There are many other funds or schemes that we have recommended which has given promising returns.

This is simplest way of creating wealth. We differentiate ourselves from others who are simply looking at past performance to recommend a fund. We use this model which is time tested and has worked amazingly well.

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