Just Investing shouldn’t be Enough..!

By Ashish Kyal – Investing just to get rid of the surplus unused money is not a great plan. Thinking of some investments only because your friends are investing may drive you and your investments to a dark side of the lane. So don’t just Invest, but Invest Correctly!

Just Investing shouldn’t be enough. The medium plus the product of your investment, if supported by a demanding plan will give you access to successful portfolio options. A mutual Fund seems easy for investments and it is, but a proper medium is necessary otherwise you will not know whether you are actually earning money or not.

A right medium provides you clear understanding of your Mutual Fund portfolio, Expertise advisory for your investment matching your goal, 24×7 access to your investments plus weekly fund performances through reports based on Elliott Wave Theory – thus all will be provided only by us – Waves MF Advisors.

Providing you herewith a part of our research suggesting L&T India Prudence Fund along with its analysis shown below  –

L&T India Prudence Growth Fund – daily chart

L&T India Prudence Growth Fund, Elliott Wave Chart, Technical Analysis, Elliott Wave Research

L&T India Prudence Growth Fund is an open ended scheme launched in January 2011. This belongs to a Balanced category as the fund has exposure of 66% to Equity and remaining in debt and Cash / Call instruments. The fund is ranked 1 in large cap category by Crisil.

Portfolio Analysis: As per the sectoral holdings Banking/Finance have been most favored sector for this fund as it is contributing nearly 13.60% to the entire portfolio followed by Technology and Engineering Sector.

Top 5 Holdings

Top holdings 20160314

Sector Allocation: Dec 31, 2016 

Sector Allocation 20160314

Returns as on 03rd Feb, 2016

Returns 20160314

Risk Profile: This fund has around 65% exposure to Equity and rest to debt. So this is a well placed fund who wants to take medium risk and given the current market condition it is very well positioned by diversifying risk into Equity & Debt.

Investment Perspective: Corrections will offer good opportunity to ride the next strong uptrend post its completion. It is prudent to invest in this fund in form of SIP to capitalize on the down move as and when it happens. Impulsive move on upside clearly suggests that the long term trend is positive and over short term any move towards the Fibonacci retracement level of 23.6 which is at 19 will provide excellent opportunity to do lump sum investments. Until then it is best to invest in form of SIP and we will highlight it here as soon as strong upside reversal is in near vicinity!


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