Mutual Fund Investments for US / Canada based NRI in L&T Mutual Funds

Below are the details about 3 different funds offered by L&T Mutual Fund which looks good from medium to long term perspective. For generating promising returns it is important to have proper asset allocation across these funds.

L&T Mutual Fund is one of the fund houses that are accepting investments for US / Canada based NRI. You can get detailed research on the below mentioned funds by writing to us at or fill the form at Contact US.

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1. L & T India Value Fund
Diversified Equity fund with strong value bias that aims to deliver long term superior risk adjusted returns

Indicative Asset allocation
80% – 100% in Indian equity securities
0% – 10% in Foreign securities including overseas ETFs
0% – 20% in debt securities, money market instruments, cash and domestic ETFs.

Key Benefits:
Long term wealth creator: A fund that focuses on fundamentals – the business and not the popularity of its stock – helps investors to benefit from valuation anomalies

Style diversification: No cap or sector bias. Focus on identifying undervalued stocks.
Fund manager:

Venugopal Manghat Co Head Equity Investments
Venugopal is an MBA in Finance, B.Sc Mathematics and has been managing many Equity and equity related instruments. He has a total experience spanning 21 years in the field of Equity investments including Tata Asset Management Limited.

2. L&T India Prudence Fund
The fund will predominantly invest in equity with a small exposure to debt instruments. This provides you with the return potential of equities and the safety associated with debt.

Indicative Asset allocation

65% – 75% in equity and equity related securities

25% – 35% in money market instruments

Key Benefits:

  • Asset allocation: Invests across two asset classes – equity and debt
  • Balance between growth and stability: While equity exposure aims to provide capital appreciation, debt exposure helps in providing stability to the portfolio

Fund Manager :

Mr. S. N. Lahiri B.E., (Mechanical) PGDBM, IIM, Bangalore having more than 20 years of experience at different AMC likes Canara Robeco, Emkay Investment Managers, DSP Merrill Lynch

Mr. Vikram Chopra (for investments in debt and money market instruments)

Abhijeet Dakshikar (for investments in foreign securities)

3) L & T Income Opportunities Fund- Growth

The Scheme seeks to generate regular returns and capital appreciation by investing in debt (including securitized debt), government and money market securities. L&T Income Opportunities Fund is positioned primarily to take advantage of investment opportunities at the shorter end of the yield curve. The fund will invest in a mix of Corporate bonds / Short term NCDs, Commercial Papers and Certificates of Deposit.

Key Benefits:

  • A medium term debt with maximum portfolio average maturity of 3 years, with moderate duration risk.
  • Rigorous credit selection process to spot mispriced credit opportunities, with a view to enhance yield with controlled risk levels.
  • Can form the core holding for the fixed income portfolio of an investor with a medium term investment horizon.

Fund manager:

Shriram Ramanathan with a total experience spanning 15 years- Head Fixed Income

Shriram is a B.E, University of Mumbai. PGDBM, XLRI. CFA Charterholder and has worked with leading investment management companies like FIL Fund Management, ING Investments, Zurich AMC


L&T Mutual Fund is one of the fund houses that are accepting investments for US / Canada based NRI. You can now invest online through via NSE platform. For more details write to us at or fill the form at Contact US.

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