Mutual Fund industry has increased multi-fold and so is the number of schemes available for investments. The MF Industry’s AUM has grown from ₹7.66 trillion as on 31st August, 2013 to ₹25.20 trillion as on 31st August, 2018, more than three fold increase in a span of 5  years!!  This itself is an indication on how big the overall industry has become.

With so many options available the confusion increases for investors as well on which funds to select and above that Where to Invest NOW? Debt, Equity, Balanced – Mixture of both. There has to be a systematic and scientific method to first understand the maturity of the trend and then to start investing in any asset. We use Elliott wave model to understand the prudent asset allocation. Below table shows current asset allocation which we revised recently after understanding maturity of downtrend of Indian markets.

Asset allocation:

Suggested Investment Portfolio:

asset allocationThis Investment portfolio is only for reference and will vary on the Risk appetite, Financial Goals, Amount to be invested and much more. We expertise in providing solution to this by using systematic methods that has proven track record of creating wealth.

Also many investors diversify across too many schemes and funds that indirectly results into owning hundreds of stocks with overlapping funds.
The above asset allocation is picked up from our weekly newsletter “The MF Waves update” that highlights on mutual funds schemes that look promising and systematic way of investing.

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