Mutual Fund Investments – Save Big if not Early…!

By Ashish Kyal – 

We usually consider Mutual Funds at the last option for Investments as we find them risky. Also, we fail to see the other features they have and the extra benefits they provide. And instead, we feel Fixed Deposit, Govt Securities, etc are better and safer options.

Mutual Fund investments have to be given time to give returns. When you are saving for a long term, time can add to more returns to your basket of investments. The power of compounding gives you the booster to create a wealthy portfolio.

But, if you fail to realize the magic of Compounding and want to start your investments late by 40s or even after that, then what?

The solution is – Just compensate for the delayed period and make your investments BIG as much as possible. The rate of return and their amount will not differ much, if the Corpus is big and is parked in a well planned and an appropriate way, with Expert Advice.

SBI Blue Chip Fund- Growth Weekly Chart

SBI Bluechip Fund Elliott Wave Chart

SBI Blue Chip Fund is classified as Large Cap Fund Ranked 1 by Crisil. This fund has 85.53% exposure to Equity followed by some exposure to Money market Instruments.

Portfolio Analysis: The fund is well diversified in terms of stocks as well as at Sector level with flexibility of investing up to 20 per cent in mid-cap stocks. The fund is benchmarked to BSE 100 index. The Top holdings and Sector allocation for the stocks are shown below –

Assset Allocaton of SBI Bluechip Fund

Investment Rationale:  SBI Blue Chip Fund has maximum exposure to Equity but the benefit is that it’s a large cap fund so the correction should not be much deeper like the small cap stocks. In order to fetch alpha returns the investors should make staggered investments and SIP will be the best option as of now!


So start Early or Start BIG, with us and get FREE Weekly Elliott Wave Based Research Report, Expert Advisory, Online Portfolio Access and much more User Friendly Services.

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