Mutual Funds – Give TIME to your Investments, rather than TIMING!

Trading is not much different than Mutual Fund Investments. But Mutual Fund is opted over Trade due the salient feature of Diversification which reduces the risk level to a major extent. But generally, people don’t use this benefit and pop out of their Mutual Fund Investments whenever they feel that market is moving in down trend.

This is the biggest mistake one can ever make if he is a Mutual Fund Investor. From time perspective, markets have given better returns over long run compared to any other asset class even when risk or volatility over short term has been high. This is the Market Mantra! So one that settles down, will rise up again. But to get benefitted from the trend, you need to remain in the market.

Thus to enjoy the Benefits of a Few Best Days of the Market, you need to Give Time to your Investments as the Power Of Compounding will work only and only if Time exists.

Asset allocation:                                                                       – Courtesy by Waves Strategy Advisors


We are increasing exposure in Equity as market moved lower as expected and now we can expect positive reversal over next few weeks.


Suggested Investment Portfolio:

Asset alocation 20151224

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