Right Timing for Investing in Mutual Fund

If you are an investor, and thinking to invest in equity market only because the market is down, I would suggest it’s a wrong choose. Whereas, taking out the investment from the selloff market can be considered as the wrong thought.

One needs to understand that Mutual fund is a financial tool where investors can invest for  long term perspective to have a wealth gain. If you follow financial discipline, then there is no one to stop you to make handsome profits.

But the frequent question arises by people is, what can be the best time to invest in Mutual funds? The answer is, “Invest when you have money, rather than when market is down.”

Also the main consent of people is when to sell or redeem the units. The selling or redemption part should not be done on the down market situation or the good market situation. It’s like whenever you need money sell the units.

There should be future objectives behind every investment. It is very difficult to know whether the market situation indicate to buy or sell. As market is unpredictable in nature. If you have planned to invest in Mutual fund for more than 5 years than you should start investing in systematic investment plan (SIP) scheme.

SIP is the schemes were investor can invest a fixed amount on monthly bases. This can even help investor to generate saving habit. SIP allows buying units on a given date of each month. SIP is generally preferred for equity funds.

SIP’s are always beneficial for the investor just because when the market is up, scheme makes money and if the market is down you make even more. After investing in such a long term scheme, one can make around 12-15% return annually.

Continue investing with the set future objective and when the time is nearer to goal, take out all your investment from equity fund and invest all in debt fund.

Some people have lump sum of amount to invest but they waste time in just thinking whether to invest today or afterwards. They think the stock price will collapse. But the fact is, one who waits will wait.

So it’s the right time to dive into SIP scheme. Click Here to invest.

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