Smart way to use your money!!

By Ashish Kyal – 

One of the best joy of someone’s life is to get there first salary cheque. As money is always a reason to get little things in college life such as cool gadgets, designer wears, etc. Yes of course, money is always tricky and you should be smart about how to use it.

The BIG question is- How to be smart in using your hard earned money? Although you would have some ideas of your own about where you will bank your money. But other than banking your money, there are lot many ways you can utilize your money in a best and safer way. One thing which can be done is –

Invest in yourself!

Learning is always a continuous process regardless of your field. There are some specialized skills that you can develop. You can enhance your skills and stay updated. Skills which can boost your resume, so investing in your learning will always be beneficial. As said, learning new things are never harmful rather it will help you. For example, if you are an analyst, you already have a strong background on working. However, it is always better to stay one step ahead by learning new things which can add a great value in your development as an analyst.

Invest for future goals: As now you have completed your graduation and have successful first job, what’s your future plans?  Making small investment to get an advance degree can amount to huge financial win. Such master degree can open variety of door for you in today’s competitive world. Most of the master and professional degree are expensive and you can rarely get through it without applying for loan. However, if you invest what you have smartly, you can consider a reduction in financial burden. Investing in options such as Mutual funds, which might give you returns. When your investment matures, you will be surprised at how helpful it will be.

The plans you had for your future can start becoming a part of reality, once you make certain decision. Plan your investment carefully, to match your needs and future goals.


Keep Learning and Keep Earning!  

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