Start Early to Earn Early!

By Rahul Pithadia: We usually consider Mutual Funds at the last as we find parking money into Mutual Funds is risky. We feel Fixed Deposit, Recurring deposit, etc are better and safer options instead……

Mutual Fund investments have to be given time to give returns. When you are saving for a long term, time can add to more returns to your basket of investments. The power of compounding gives you the booster to create a wealthy portfolio.

So Better start Early when it comes to investing your money with small sums!

Just have a look at the below example:

For Example: MONIL and SOHIL are two friends who wants to invest in Mutual Funds. To start with they thought of investing a sum of Rs. 5000 a month…..

MONIL – started the Mutual Fund Investments at the age of 25

SOHIL – started the Mutual Fund Investments at the age of 30

example 1 20160105

Common aspect: Both want to retire at the age of 60. Both of them invested Rs. 5000 a month. And both have invested in same fund.
Result: At a compounded annual growth rate of 12%, Ram’s retirement corpus was would be close to Rs. 3.25 cr and Shyam’s corpus would be Rs. 1.76 cr.

example 2 2016

Imagine the benefits of investing early!!!

Conclusion: an early start of just 5 yrs helped Monil save extra RS. 1.48 CR.
Mutual Fund investments are assets to your wealthy Life. START NOW to earn the Extra Zero or Zeroes…..


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