Strategic Allocation to Equities

By Ashish Kyal -

Generally, Mutual Funds are opted over any other investment option for one major reason – that is they provide market benefits without making losses, which could have been there if you invested in Stocks.

It is like being in the market indirectly, as you can get most of the benefits and not overcome the negative part of it easily through diversification. But, this extra piece of pie can only be attained if you are including a major part of your mutual fund investment in Equities. As it is that extra piece of the pie over and above the cake that helps you earn the extra income.

The question arises, Does people actually invest in Equities when they opt for Mutual Funds?

If you invest in Mutual Funds and input 95% of your MF Portfolio in Debt, then what is the use??

The below info-graph, with calculative figures, will show why Equities are important in a Mutual Fund Portfolio -




Also, you can use the following four steps to go along with your Equity Investments – 



Equities can boost up your Investments and mainly the Returns to a major level. So start up your Equity based Mutual Fund Investments right now and earn the Extra pie!


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