By Ashish Kyal - You take care of your child’s needs and wishes. But they are never ending and increase day by day. But ever thought of any child that demands consistent needs periodically and on the other hand provides valuable returns that help you feed your extra necessities. A child whose demands are constant but in turn provides you unexpected returns along with various options including tax saving. It can only be one i.e., Mutual Funds.

Treating your mutual fund investments like your 2nd child can ease up the process to understand on the investor’s behalf. Just as you spend a particular amount every month on your first child, you can save up every month a particular amount in mutual funds in the form of SIP. Just as your child need time to grow and mature, the same way your SIP also needs time to mature. Though, the time required is not fixed by the latter, but the more you keep, the more successfully it gets matured.

It can be your only child that grows up as per your wish, matures as per your wish and leaves you as per your wish only. Thus, you don’t need to take care once you start your investments, but it will then definitely take care of you and your family.  Also you must be aware of the power of compounding and keeping that in mind even a day wasted is not worth.

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