Why saving early is beneficial?

By Ashish Kyal

This is a question, every teenager must have come across. This is the most frequent question asked by them when they are said to save their salaries.

When you start your first job and get your first salary, you make big plans to spend it, may be in a party to friends or a big shopping list is already awaited. But we never think of Savings or Investments at the start. 20s is the age group that believes in living life to its fullest and enjoying every part of life which gets into spending at every part of life.

But to live life to the fullest, you need to complete all duties and responsibilities coming under that span so that you don’t regret in future. It is this time when you can save for your retirement as well.

Don’t be in a myth that you will be able to work the same way when you are 50 crossed. So start saving now so that you have some corpus with you left when you retire.


UTI MNC Fund, UTI MNC Fund Chart, Elliott Wave Analysis, Diversified Fund

UTI MNC Fund is an open ended diversified equity fund that aims to create value by investing predominantly in equities of large cap and mid cap multinational corporations (MNCs) diverse across sectors. The fund has maintained equity exposure of 89.94

Portfolio analysis: The fund is concentrated at the stock as well as sector level. As the average exposure to top five stocks is approximately 30% and given below are the sectoral allocation.

Sector Allocation

Sector Allocation 20160401

Top Holdings

Top Holdings 20160401
Risk Profile:
The risk is high as the fund is concentrated in a few stocks but at the same time when the next major bull trend resumes in Indian markets this fund can give above average returns. Investors looking forward for higher returns with higher risk can consider this fund for investments in staggered fashion or through SIP route. 

Investment Rationale: Looking at the Elliott wave structure and technical picture of broader market there is possibility that the under-performance of this fund should complete around 140 levels. Fresh entry can be made in this fund on sustainable move above 165 levels.


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