A “DANGAL” against inflation through Diversification!!

By Ashish Kyal – 

Investment depends upon three main factors age, risk tolerance, income streams etc. However the task is to determine which investment avenue will make wonder for you in future and help to beat the inflation rate. It is also essential to diversify because we have no way of knowing which ones will work for and which one will fall against us. In such cases diversification plays a key roles and one of the outperforming fund for 2017 is mentioned below.

L&T India Value Growth Fund is an open ended scheme launched in January 2009. This belongs to a Diversified category as the fund has exposure across Large cap, Midcap and Small cap. This fund is ranked 2 in Diversified category by Crisil.

L&T Value India Growth Fund – weekly chart



Portfolio Analysis: Top Holdings and Sector Allocation for this fund are shown below:

Top holdings 20170119

Risk Profile: This fund belongs to the high risk category given complete exposure only to equity. However, by way of SIP the risk can be reduced and also prudent asset allocation across different scheme including debt and balanced fund can provide optimum mix and reduce the risk. Also as we think long term trend for Nifty is on upside this fund offers good opportunity to ride the next wave of up move.

Investment Perspective: one can continue to invest in this fund in staggered fashion. We will highlight here when the ongoing correction is on verge of completion.


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