Aditya Birla MNC Scheme: Fund review

It is important for investors to have a portfolio which is fairly protected from the downward and upward movements of the market. This becomes even more crucial in a year filled with events which can trigger high volatility. The year 2019 is one such year. Outcome of  Lok  Sabha elections and Fed rate hike are a few events which may keep the markets volatile. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a category of schemes which not only offer protection in downward movement of markets but also show promise of reasonable returns when markets move up. Funds that invest in multinational companies (MNCs) belong to one such category. Among MNC schemes, investors can consider investing Aditya Birla MNC. The scheme has been in existence for close to 25 years. This means that the scheme has seen a large number of market cycles. Quality, stability, encouraging performance especially in the long term, and strong balance sheets are a few factors which work in favour of the scheme. It has been a consistent performer.

Birla Sun life MNC Fund Growth:

mnc reeturn

Birla Sun life MNC Fund is an open ended growth scheme which invests primarily in the small cap and mid cap sector which has high potential to provide returns in the future.

Objective: To achieve growth of capital at relatively moderate levels of risk by investing in securities of multinational companies through in depth research.

Portfolio Analysis: This fund invests around 38% in the top 5 holding which are mentioned below:

sector alocation mnc

Risk Parameters: As the investments are made in mid cap stocks the risk associated with this fund is high but as they are MNCs and hence during the correction there will not be much pain as compared to other high beta stocks.

Technical Perspective: Above daily chart shows that, post the completion of wave 3 near 800 levels prices are now moving in form of wave 4 post which wave 5 will begin on the upside. Many believed that wave theory will not be useful on individual fund’s NAV but we managed to identify the best ones capable of giving the 3rd  & 5th  wave on upside. Birla MNC fund is a classic example of the same and it still has lot of potential from here on. Prices completed wave 3 and post that we are witnessing overlapping movement wave 4. It is time to keep accumulating this fund on every dip to later ride the strong up trend ahead.

In a nutshell, if we look at the history this fund has given promising return and also has inherent potential ahead. Investments through SIP will be the best route to travel the journey.

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