An overview on Diversified Mutual Funds

By Ashish Kyal – 

We all know and have heard about Equity Mutual Funds availbale in the Market, but how often do we understand the different types of Equity Funds. Diversified Equity Mutual Funds is one of a kind. But we have a normal mindset that Equity Funds bring in risk and are risky for Investments.

To break this cycle and bring about a change in the general investment type, Diversified Mutual Funds give us a great deal to get invested in and they have huge benefits that normal Equity Funds dont provide.

Have a look in the below infograph and understand to what extent id the above statement true –

Diversified Eq Funds Infograph 20170510

Also see how these funds outperform and benefit us through the Market Volatility -

Diversified eq graph 20170510

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