IL&FS, DHFL sharp selloff in Bond prices but our investors are insulated.

Following is a feedback from Silicon based investor – Miten Mehta

In accordance with Miten Mehta, the Silicon Valley based mentor and investor in Waves MF Advisors Pvt. Ltd, the firm has a niche business model on investing in Mutual Funds using technical analysis Elliott wave based model and evaluating the interest rate cycle for recommending debt funds.

Following with what he has to say post the recent selloff in bond prices of IL&FS, DHFL:

They have recommended a few excellent debt funds which have potential to give stable returns over the course of 3 years or more and I have personally invested in them.

The debt portfolio is very well balanced and did not impact me personally from the huge IL&FS debt default event in last week. My entire portfolio is well diversified across Fixed Maturity plan, Credit risk schemes and Liquid schemes. This only shows why it is very crucial to have an advisor even if it is debt based schemes as in the financial world there are always some risks involved. By opting direct plans you might end up saving hardly 10 bps on a debt fund but value you can get by having an advisor like Waves MF Advisors is worth more.

Ashish Kyal, who is the co-founder, had a strong knack for identifying funds that can outperform in the future and creates amazing mix of Equity and Debt schemes.

A few of the debt schemes I have invested personally as per the recommendation by the team are

– UTI Credit Risk Fund

– ICICI Credit Risk fund

– UTI Fixed Term Income Fund Series XXX – III (1106 Days)

– ICICI Fixed Maturity plan series 84 Plan C (1103 Days)

– ICICI Floating interest rate fund and Aditya Birla Sun Life Low duration Fund (Liquid funds) for instant redemption option in case of emergency need of money

My portfolio is well insulated from the event risk and did not suffer due to IL&FS default. The above clearly shows how well the portfolio has been researched even if it is a debt based scheme and prudent asset allocation is done for the US based investor who can make use of this expertise to generate better returns than Fixed Deposits and are tax efficient.

They are recommending Equity schemes based on the Elliott wave model which has worked for identifying the stocks and the same has been extended to NAV of Mutual Funds which I believe is an innovation in field of finance. This model will help in identifying the key schemes that can outperform in future. I will highly recommend anyone who wants to invest in India growth story should do so with the research assistance from the Waves MF team as they have a proven track record!

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