In Mutual Funds, money doesn’t get locked up. It gets invested!

When investing in Mutual Funds, one of the most common questions is, ‘Does my money get locked up?’

Your money DOES NOT get locked up

When you invest in a mutual fund, your money is always accessible to you. It doesn’t get locked up. Your money only grows depending on how long you want to stay invested. Mutual funds are flexible, so you can redeem your investment partially or completely at any point.

It is important to note two facts:

  1. In a Mutual Fund scheme, the money is Investedand not Lockedand the money always stays yours. It is simply being managed by a professional fund manager.
  2. Your money is always easily accessible. The structure of a Mutual Fund ensures that there is flexibility in accessing it. You may redeem your investment either partially or entirely. You can even pre-specify the redemption dates, by giving standing instructions to the Mutual Fund Company to transfer a fixed amount into your bank account on a specified date every month or every quarter, as you choose. You can also choose to transfer your investment from one Mutual Fund scheme to another managed by the same Mutual Fund company. And you always get a comprehensive /easy to understand account statement that neatly documents it.

Go ahead and invest in a Mutual Fund scheme of your choice and enjoy the flexibility, transparency and liquidity. In other words, a superior investing experience, while being in the care of professional managers.

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