Journey from 23 to 640, irrespective of events, here is the Proof!

The historical roadmap leaves our mouth open as it is pretty uneasy to gulp such huge progress in a span of 15 years. Sentiments for mutual funds are way diffrent and this industry is not known for such healthy returns but now we have to accept as we have the proof that despite of news , sentiments , physchology and corrections in market this fund has managed to touch the heights of 570 levels.  During the corrective phase in the past 8 months this fund has just corrected without any deeper retracement which exhibits that there is magical strength in it.  Still you are never too late as the destination is far away and the ball is in your court now!

Birla Sunlife MNC Fund: Growth Daily chart

birlamncfund 20160120




















Birla Sunlife MNC Fund is an open ended growth scheme which invests primarily in small cap and mid cap sector which has high potential in the future.

Objective: To achieve growth of capital at relatively moderate levels of risk by investing in securities of multinational companies through in depth research.

Portfolio Analysis: This fund invests 38.04% in the top 5 holding which are mentioned below

top holdings 20160120







Sector focus: It provides interesting insights, Banking sector is not included in this fund which is a decent move because in the upcoming rally in the Indian markets we do not expect much performance from banks.

sector allocation 20160120







returns 20160120.





Risk Parameters: As the investments are made in the small cap & mid cap stocks the risk associated with this fund is high but as they are MNCs the tank period will not be of much pain. 

In a nutshell, parking your funds through SIP will be the best route to travel the journey. Lump sum investments can be made above 600 levels which will give a positive gate pass to the bull trend in sync with our outlook on Indian markets!


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