Do your family members and friends often call you “lazy”? Do most repairs in your home take months to get fixed? Does the smile in the ever-smiling bank guy vanish when he deals with your requests like updating your passbook once a year? Do you often discover things you thought you lost when you have no choice but clean up your home expecting guests? If the answer to such questions is a yes, then congratulations! You have almost everything it takes to get rich.

No, we are not joking. You can be  lazy and yet get rich. All you need is a simple plan. Allow us to explain.

So, what is this simple plan?

Your money, not you, should work hard
To become rich with your own money, it’s not you, but your money, that needs to work hard. A simple plan called systematic investment plan (SIP) offered by mutual funds can do that.

SIP investment plans allow you to invest fixed amount of money every month in mutual funds. If you invest in equity mutual funds or, mutual funds that provide typically high growth thanks to investments in equities, you can save astonishingly large amounts over long periods.

Crorepati, the lazy way
If you invest Rs 14,000 every month for the next twenty years and the investments grow at 10 per cent, you end up saving Rs 1 crore. That’s right! You can be a crorepati and that too without sweating it out. All you have to do is to just stay invested.

True, there will be upheavals in equity markets in the interim which will make the value of your investments fluctuate. But here, your laziness will help. Since you will not bother to check out the status of your investments like the junk accumulated in the your car’s boot, you will end up doing what’s required to get high growth stay invested.

The fixed investment amount of SIPs will buy more units when markets and price of units are down. The reverse will happen when the markets are up. As a result, on an average, you will end up buying units at a reasonably low cost and can potentially make handsome gains over long periods.


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